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Kids Coloring and Math

Kids Coloring and Math
An excellent learning game app for kids! With our unique game your child will solve the elementary math problems with great pleasure!

The bright math coloring will allow your child not only to show the creative abilities but also to improve the knowledge of math. "Kids Coloring and Math" is helpful both for kids who learn numbers and for kids who train addition and subtraction.

The free version comes with 4 pictures. Paid version costs $0.99.

Famigo APProved badge for Best Android Apps


  • - 2 game modes: Numbers and Problems
  • - for kids of different ages
  • - learning numbers
  • - addition and subtraction problems
  • - kids-friendly interface
  • - 2 languages
Kids Coloring and Math

There are 12 cute pictures which are available in 2 game modes.

Kids Coloring and Math Kids Coloring and Math

1. "Painting by Numbers". Users will be presented with a pictured with sections numbered off. There will be several different pots of paint on the bottom of the screen that are numbered too. It's up to the user to correctly color each section of the picture by tapping on the corresponding numbered colored paint pot and then tapping on the matching numbered section.

Kids Coloring and Math

2. "Counting and Painting". The kid will need to solve a simple math problem and the result will be the color needed to paint certain section in a picture. If the user gets the answer wrong and selects the incorrect colored paint pot to mark a section, then they will be offered a different mathematics problem to solve that will produce the same correct answer for the user to try to get correct the second time around.

Kids Coloring and Math

If all the color pots are selected correctly on the first try then the user will achieve 3 stars maximum goal.

Kids Coloring and Math

"Kids Coloring and Math" is not only fun and entertaining, but it is also educationally beneficial and very attractive for kids.