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Math. Multiplication table

Mental Math - Multiplication table
With "Math - Multiplication table" your child will love math and improve multiplication and division skills. Learning Multiplication table for kids will be really fun!

The game "Math - Multiplication table" consists of 11 levels based on modern methods of teaching multiplication table. It helps to develop the speed of calculation.
Math - Multiplication table" will become a really good math helper for adults as math workout and brain trainer. Playing the game you’ll learn multiplication table and get the math skills which will be of use in everyday life!

In the free version of the game there are 3 levels available. Paid version costs $1.99.

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  • - classical multiplication table
  • - multiplication and division skills
  • - 11 levels
  • - 5 speeds
  • - 2 languages


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The game “Mental Math - Multiplication table” is developed to train mental multiplication and division skills. The main goal of the game is solving math problems to practice multiplication table. The problems are shown on the bars falling from above the playing field:

Answers should be entered from virtual keyboard:

If a problem solution is correct then the bar disappears, and the player gets prize points. If a problem solution is incorrect, then the bar falls down creating the construction at the bottom of the playing field.

If the construction fills all the playing field the game is over.

For 5 correctly solved problems the player gets prize points and a bomb, which breaks 1 bar with incorrectly solved problem. For 10 correctly solved problems the player gets prize points and a super bomb, which breaks the top line of the construction with incorrectly solved problems.