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Mobile Apps

Settle the Planet: push! drag! drop!
Use your imagination totally and create your own designer’s postcard, you own masterpiece. Application named Cards Builder help you to do that! There are whole world consist of bright colors and original ideas. Huge number of beautiful landscapes, vehicles, pretty animals and mysterious monsters waiting for you! It’s possible to turn, move and scale all of them without loss of quality.

Settle the Planet: push! drag! drop!
Desert planet needs you! Distribute plant’s seeds all along continents with different climates shooting from slingshot in outer space. Then add to them right animals and settle the planet. Be careful, don’t forget to squirms from meteors and take into account Earth rotation, because required continent are going to slip out of your sight.

English with Benny for kids
The best way for kids to learn English! Fun and pretty elephant Benny will help kids to learn simple and clear words, which they can use in everyday life. Attractive flashcards with pronunciation of the words and interesting games will quickly involve the child in the world of English. Only the most common words in kid’s vocabulary are presented in our app “English with Benny”.

English tongue twisters
Speaking English is fancy and useful! In short, everybody should be able to do it. Tongue twisters are the most available and effective way to learn English. This app will help you extend your vocabulary, improve your diction and learn how to speak language fluently.

Music Box
Want to know how flamingos sing? Consider yourself to be an expert on classical music? Challenge your music skills in our fascinating quiz!

Sagan Astronomy Calendar - Universe Evolution 3D
You don't need to invent the time machine to send yourself back in time! "Sagan Calendar" tells about the evolution of the Universe, galaxy formation, the birth of life on Earth.

Memory - Brain Trainer
Want to improve your concentration and memory skills? This game is for you! Exciting educational game for all ages; it stimulates the brain and the attention span, train visual memory and logical thinking.

Kids Coloring and Math
An excellent learning game app for kids! With our unique game your child will solve the elementary math problems with great pleasure!

Science - Macrocosm 3D
A new educational app "Science – Macrocosm 3D" will allow you to immerse yourself in the amazing world of Universe in 3D format! You will explore the most interesting 3D models of planets, satellites, stars, galaxies, nebula and so on. The science becomes interesting!

Science - Microcosm 3D
“Science - Microcosm 3D” will take you on a fascinating journey across the world of science. You'll be able to see objects of the microcosm with your own eyes! Normally it is impossible to see them without a microscope.

Mental Math - Multiplication table
With "Mental Math - Multiplication table" your child will love math and improve multiplication and division skills. Mental math for kids will be really fun!

Mental Math. Addition and subtraction
The game “Mental Math. Addition and subtraction” is developed to train mental addition and subtraction skills. The game is ideal for children but also good for adults who want to train their brain!
  • Mental Math. Addition and subtraction
Morphology of Plants
The handbook "Morphology of Plants" will be useful to high school students, prospective students and everyone who interested in biology and botany.